Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Ben George

Answers to the most commonly faced saw blade problems.

Saw Blade Body Cracking

  • Probable Cause :
  • Uneven wear on the side guide wheel.
  • Large gap between the guide wheel and the saw blade causes uneven band tension.
  • Excessive feed rate.
  • The side guide wheel interfering with the tooth groove.
  • Solutions:
  • Adjust the guide wheel, make sure the guide wheel and the saw blade are evenly pressured.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

  • Probable Cause :
  • Excessive feed.
  • Improper workpiece clamping pressure.
  • Incomplete break-in process.
  • Material dimension does not match the tooth set.
  • Missing wire brush/Improperly adjusted position.
  • Impurity hard spots in the cutting material.
  • Solutions :
  • Adjust the cutting parameters.
  • Install the wire brush correctly and adjust it to a suitable position.

Bandsaw Blade Not Cutting Straight

  • Probable Cause :
  • Improper break-in process caused the tooth edge to chip slightly.
  • Impurities or hard spots in the material, causing abnormal saw teeth wear.
  • Improper cutting parameters.
  • Loose blade tension from a loose guide.
  • Solutions :
  • Check/Adjust/Replace the guide wheel, make sure the wheel and the blade surface are in touch.
  • Complete a full break-in process.
  • Adjust sawing parameters.

Heavy Wear On Tips of Teeth 

  • Probable Cause :
  • Improper sawing parameters.
  • Impurities or hard spots in the material.
  • Excessive band speed for the type of material being cut, which generates high temperate that accelerated tooth wear.
  • Insufficient cooling and lubrication.
  • Solutions :
  • Adjust sawing parameters;
  • Make a new cut at another location;
  • Provide sufficient cooling and lubrication before the operation.

Heavy Wear On Back Edge

  • Probable Cause :
  • Worn or defective guide wheel.
  • Excessive feed rate.
  • Saw blade back edge rubbing heavily on the wheel.
  • Solutions :
  • Replace the guide wheel.
  • Provide proper feed pressure.
  • Adjust the guide wheel.