About Shark Tooth Saw Blades

Shark-Tooth Band Saw Blades

Our premium-quality band saw blades feature a precision tooth-set design that minimizes resistance, enabling faster, cooler, and straighter cuts. With closely held tooth tolerances, strong matched welds, and uniform heat-treating, our blades eliminate scoring, reduce vibration, and deliver consistent performance. The thinner tooth-set also reduces waste and swarf by up to 30%. Additionally, our heat-treating process hardens each blade without discoloration, ensuring optimum cutting strength for dependable straight cuts. This results in fewer blade changes, faster cutting times, and lower labor costs.



Great White

The Shark-Tooth MAKO, built for long-lasting performance in diverse cutting tasks, boasts an M-42 high-speed steel edge, ensuring exceptional durability against heat and wear. Crafted specifically for cutting structural steel profiles, the Shark-Tooth GREAT WHITE showcases a patented tooth profile engineered to prevent stripping, even under high feed rates. Experience unparalleled blade longevity and durability.


All Shark-Tooth band saw blades provide quiet cutting, reduced vibration, and optimised tooth pitch/set sequence. 


Selecting the Right Blade:

When cutting mild steel or annealed material, aim for no less than 3 teeth touching the material or no more than 24. The ideal range is 6-12 teeth touching the material at once. Be mindful of wall thickness; too aggressive a tooth count can cause teeth to catch in the side walls, leading to breakage. Conversely, too fine a tooth count may cause problems when cutting through the top or bottom of the material, resulting in premature blade wear or motor failure.

Remember, proper techniques are essential for all shapes. Consult a Bandsaw Blade technician for assistance in selecting the correct blade for your application.

For special cutting needs, call us at 1300-797-720 to speak with a Saw Blade expert.