Blade Safety

    Safety Instructions:

    Do's and Don’ts
    - Never touch a running band saw blade during operation.

    Protective Equipment
    - Always wear protective goggles.
    - Wear protective gloves or related protective equipment at all times.
    - Wear a mask while working with powder materials (such as graphite, cast iron, etc.).

    Band Saw Blade Preparation
    - Make sure the saw blade is suitable for the material. If not, it may cause abnormal failure and inefficient operation.
    - Before an operation, check for any teeth damage or saw blade body distortion. If you find any above phenomena, stop using the blade to avoid unnecessary losses.

    Band Saw Blade Installation
    1. Before getting started, make sure the bandsaw machine is fully paused.
    2. While changing the blade, take extra care with the saw teeth, avoid scratching or dropping the blade.
    3. The saw teeth must be facing towards the running direction of the bandsaw machine.
    4. Complete a full test run before a full operation, confirm the blade has adjusted to the machine’s vibration or other parameters.

    Precaution While Using The Band Saw Blade
    - If a manual feeding situation arises, the operator must maintain a steady gesture and wear protective gloves at all times to avoid injury caused by touching the blade.
    - Do not apply force when the feeding is not smooth, which will break the band saw blade teeth and cause injury.
    - If there are loud noises, wild vibrations, uneven cutting surfaces, twisted bands, etc. stop the operation immediately. Continued operation will cause tooth strippage and body breakage.
    - When the smoothing is not ideal, adjust the sawing parameters or replace the band saw blade.